PetroVietnam Oil Stockpile Company Limited (PVOS) is a leading provider of underground caverns built specifically to accommodate the needs of the oil and gas industry in commercial reserve, production reserve, national stockpiling and international oil trading

Our objective is to become Vietnam’s largest provider of oil storage rental services, as well as to establish a presence on the world stage through our unique locations in the heart of South East Asia, one of the fastest growing regions of the world, where energy demand continues unabated.

As the world economy recovers from the recent global crisis, energy needs and consumption are on the rise again and countries throughout Asia are finding it difficult to cost-effectively secure reliable oil and gas access. Out various locations on Vietnam’s Northern, Eastern and Southern seaboards, coupled with easy access to major transport hubs will undoubtedly make us the preferred solution provider to both private sector energy companies and governments alike.

We look forward to working with all concerned parties, from Vietnamese authorities, domestic and foreign organizations, and with our customers from all over the world to grow PVOS.

Wish you all health, success and happiness.